One of the biggest gifts workshops can provide is the opportunity to learn and grow in community. Amy Bobb and Lisa Lothian have collaborated to offer various workshops and hope to be able to provide a rich learning experience to a variety of organizations and communities.

Voice in the Village was created by Lisa Lothian because she "enjoys being connected to conversations about growth and development. As a facilitator, I value the experience of shared learning, experiential learning, storytelling, and providing an environment that is safe and offers opportunities for individuals to really connect to ideas."

Lisa Lothian, Voice in the Village Administrator, has worked in the non-profit sector managing programs and teams to impact and motivate change.  She began her professional career, applying her background in Psychology, working with perinatal women and their children funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  After her 10 years of supporting families and improved nutrition and attachment outcomes, she transitioned into bed-based treatment program management for women and Indigenous adolescent populations.  Through this transition she has expanded her knowledge base to include gender specific approaches, trauma informed practice and cultural safety.  The past 5 years has brought about opportunities to work with and understand the impacts of homelessness and poverty, inter-generational trauma and the criminalization of women and youth.  Lisa has also received a certificate in Leadership and Management and is a certified Mental Health First Aid facilitator.

Bringing their knowledge and experience together, Amy and Lisa have created workshops in the hopes of providing valuable learning opportunities, sharing knowledge and creating an opportunity to learn from one another in a safe and supportive environment.




how it affects the brain and our behaviour

Exploring Anger & Aggression

a deeper dive into the brain and the nervous system to explore the why behind angry and aggressive behaviours

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

understanding the brain, how FASD impacts cognition, decision making, and behaviours; ways to work with those who are affected

Building Meaningful Attachments

a deeper look at attachment and how to build stronger relationships with our children

The Teenage Brain

diving deeper into the brain functioning of a teenager to help better understand and support their behaviours

A rich learning experience

to a variety of organizations and communities.